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 Some people sacrifice their health to gain wealth. Others spend their wealth to become healthy

What if you didn't have to choose one over the other?

Starts Today-Team Building Together-First Movers Advantage and gain renewed  New Health . Work with the leader in this newly launched business. He  can build for you !



Crypto Currency Programs - Join the Wave of the Future ! 

First off, you will need a good cryptocurrency wallet to start on your venture into this exciting new world ! 

I have used several, but have found the easiest one, with super fast Customer Service, is Canadian-based Coinberry 

And you can earn $20 just for joining and further $20 for each new customer that joins with you . How Canadian...eh?!  


This one as it will be one of the biggest and best. Earn crypto and advertise your other businesses. Developed by a master in the online arena, Luke Millard, this is set to be a lifetime project for earning , already being promoted by some of the most influencers online! 


First of it's kind ! Most innovative Crypto business that allows businesses to tokenize their business.

See how Michael Jackson's nephew is taking a lead in the Crypto World with Sharenode .

Join up, take a look at their business plan and grow with them ! You will share in profits as new businesses join..this program is growing massively and is poised to be a true game-changer in the way the world does business !


First crypto currency to help the environment. Tokenized electricity !

It is popularly said that what ever has an advantage also must have it’s disadvantage. With the advent of blockchain technology a few years back, many business have begin to realize the transparency and benefits that is associated with the platform and are moving to blockchain technology, which will create heavier loads on electricity, as blockchain activity requires the consumption of electricity to "mine" the coins. This will go on until energy around the world will cost much more than it does currently, as a result of increased demand from miners globally. Records shows that as of March 31 2018, Bitcoin mining energy intake has officially surpassed the entire energy consumption of the country of Singapore, which ranks 43 globally in regards to energy consumption. This area of energy consumption has obviously become a flaw in blockchain. It has become a fast growing disadvantage in the platform that needs a quick check. This flaw however, has given birth to the era of a new innovating blockchain project that looks to fix this scary problem. THE 4NEW PROJECT! 


 Introducing The World's First A.I. Powered Automatic Bitcoin Income System


  • 100% hands-free automated income system
  • Takes only 2 minutes to get fully set up
  • The A.I. powered system works for you 24/7
  • Works for anyone, anywhere at anytime

And, you can earn without investing just by promoting the platform and earning from OPI (other people's investments)


Invest in multiple cyrptos in a group... they will earn or/decrease according to market values, so you always have several balancing each other ! Great concept. If you watch the market you can adjust % of your holdings in each coin. Easier than having several places in different businesses as you can adjust and earn all  within the one platform !

Go Founders - this is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity !

Created by online trusted online leader to help EVERYONE earn ! Check if Founders positions are still available and you should grab one. Founders will be in a fantastic position for earnings. But do not miss out on this one even if Founders are closed, it is still a 100% DONE FOR YOU business. Many have claimed that but this will be the FIRST to ever actually make good on that promise! Join now ! 


Best Health.....and earn !

Now Lifestyle Style           

"Done for you in a Box Business" ... We do it all for you.

Created by world-famous bodybuilder and internet guru Joel Therien, the program and products are based on his renowned program where you can exercise only 7 minutes per day and gain massive muscle and health benefits. Marketing elements are included in the program also so that you can help others and earn while you do. It is basically all there for you to improve your health and create an income online as well ! One of a kind program for sure!

Lose 30 pounds in 30 days with Joel's new product ! Elevate Extreme - take a look!

Get paid for sharing amazing natural health products with others.  Products include anti-aging, overall wellness, pet health and now their new line of HEMP or CBD products.

Based on the premises that they absolutely know they have what it takes for ANYONE and EVERYONE to succeed! And with the new line of CBD products, there's never been a simpler or more powerful way to create a lifetime of residual income.

No gimmicks, no gotchas. It's absolutely Free! You can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Founded by John Austin, a multiple six-figure earner in many programs over decades. John decided it was time to stop the hype and help everyone earn, not ust the big players. So he created his own unique health and environmentally-friendly products allowing anyone and everyone to earn. 

As the name implies, it is a FREE program to join and you earn from those you sell to. No monthly autoship or monthly volumes required to maintain your position, you just join, promote and buy what you need for yourself also. A true pioneer business that was established with integrity !

Educate yourself and Earn

Want to earn $250 or more in 72 hours? It is being done here ! 

Learn marketing strategies with the Fearless Momma who has been earning online for decades ! 3 easy steps - no experience necessary.


                Just More cool things to help your health , help you help others and/or the planet....towards being your BEST ever !


 AMAZING project started by two young guys to help save the oceans from human dumping....so saving all the great aquatic animals too! Check out their work and BUY A BEAUTIFUL BRACELET to help them continue their great work. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine ! 

We have all heard that "Laughter is the Best Medicine"....if you want a daily dose of that great medicine, you HAVE to checkout this amazing comedian, Sebastien Bourgault. He does a daily show on YouTube, right now he is doing cooking shows but all of his material is just great AND HILARIOUS. Watch his past episodes too and if you can find him booked anywhere near you, it is WELL WORTH going to see him in person! You will laugh the whole night. Sebastien is ONE OF A KIND !

Brain Entrainment

Download this 30-mins Prosperity Triliminal recording that is created by certified brainwave entrainment engineer -- Morry Zelcovitch based on his 30 years of scientific research. 

  • It quickly changes your brain state to one in which you feel more inspired, more enlightened, more powerful so that you can attract greater abundance and prosperity into your life.
  • It builds new neural pathways in your brain so that you will think like what success people think and do what successful people do.
  • It changes your vibrational state to that which attracts more opportunities into your life.
  • You will become more confident and feel so good about yourself  that you can perform much better and achieve much more in your personal and business life !